Oak City works closely with SuNica, an organization that seeks to make disciples of Jesus through clean water, education, and mentorship in Nicaragua. We send a few teams each year to support the Nicaraguan discipleship coordinators, host soccer tournaments and other fun activities for the kids, and do special projects. The founders of SuNica are long-time Oak City Church members. Josh and Betty Pease handle the day-to-day operations and have lived in Nicaragua since August 2013. Alan and Casey Wilser live here in Raleigh and spearhead the fundraising and sponsorship programs.

Dynamic Water

Dynamic Water is a small non-profit organization based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, and is dedicated to providing access to clean, safe drinking water to communities in need. We partner with organizations like the Thirst Project, SuNica, and Global Hope India to fund the building of wells. We realize that we will not be able to bring clean drinking water to all of the people who need it, but we refuse to let that stop us. It’s overwhelming to think about providing water for entire countries in need–but by focusing on one community, one family … one group of people … anything is possible.