Connecting the Dots

The 2021 Bible Reading Challenge kicks off January 1! This year we’re doing things a little bit different, and choosing a reading plan that is a bit shorter, but also aligns with our sermon series.

Reading Plan

Click this link to join the E100 reading plan in YouVersion. If you have never used YouVersion, it’s a great, easy-to-use site/app. You will have to create an account to be a part of the Oak City Church plan. I also suggest you download the app to your phone. Once you accept the invitation from the link above, the plan will be in the ‘Plans’ tab at the bottom. If you have questions on how it works, let me know.

The plan is 100 days of reading and most days are 1 chapter. For the first 15 days (January 1 – 15) we will be reading every day, but after that we will only be reading Monday – Friday. So the dates on YouVersion will be different from the dates we will be doing, after January 15.

You can do this! Developing the habit of reading your Bible is hard, but makes a big difference. This series is meant to help you with this.

If you don’t want to use YouVersion, you can download the reading guide here.

Sermon Series

The sermon series will be called ‘Connecting the Dots: How the little stories in the Bible fit together to tell God’s big story and help us understand our story.’ We want to give everyone a better understanding of how the Bible fits together. This is a great chance to invite folks to explore the Christian faith. Be praying for friends you can invite to be a part of it.

COVID has shattered community in so many ways in our culture. It’s hard to feel connected, and easy to feel isolated. Part of the reason we have chosen to do this series is to focus our church on one thing. We are working with homegroup leaders now to plan our meetings around this series starting in January. We are coming up with plans to accommodate for the ‘Zoom Fatigue’ so many people feel from work. We will be starting a Sunday night ‘catch-all’ group for those who haven’t engaged in a homegroup to this point. We really want you to be a part of it!

Download the discussion questions for weeks 1 – 5 by clicking on the button below!

Discussion Questions: Weeks 6 - 10