Children’s Ministry

At Oak City, we really love children—and God has blessed us with so many of them! Our goal is to partner with parents to introduce our children to Jesus and help them grow as learners, lovers, and givers who are sent on mission to make more disciples.

We love our time with your kids on Sunday mornings. We make it a fun, engaging experience to teach them about who Jesus is and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Because our time with your child is limited, we also equip you to speak the Gospel into the lives of your children.

Sunday Mornings

Each Sunday, our Children’s Ministry team is ready and excited to love and learn with your child. From check-in to pick-up, we are prepared to serve families with children birth through fifth grade with fun, exciting, and engaging worship and teaching. We strive to create an environment for children where they are learning, experiencing, and participating in the gospel.

We believe growth as a disciple is best lived out in community, so our classrooms are divided into age-appropriate communities with consistent leaders. All of our leaders complete a background check and attend training to equip them to create a safe, loving environment where we can effectively teach kids about Jesus.


Infants – Newborns through crawlers.

Toddlers – Crawlers through 23 months.

Preschool – All 2 and 3 year olds.

PreK – All 4 year olds through those entering Kindergarten

Elementary K -1st – Kindergaten through those in the 1st grade.

Elementary 2nd – 5th – 2nd graders through 5th graders.

Partnering with Parents

Partnering with families in discipleship is important. We get an average of 40 hours per year with your child. You, as a parent, will spend more than 3,000 hours per year with them.

To help you disciple your kids, we include the weekly lesson in our weekly email, and we update the website with Parent Cues, to give you a glimpse into what your child learned that week as well as helpful suggestions for engaging your child in discussion around that topic.

Our elementary families, in addition to the Parent Cue, receive a God Time Card. These God Time Cards help direct our kids in engaging God’s word at home in a way that reinforces that week’s lesson.

For more information regarding the Children’s Ministry or for questions on how to get involved, please contact Sam Edwards.