A Prayer for the Church

The God Who Hears Your Prayer, Week 7

The toughest prayer we may ever pray is when we release control and say to God, “Lord, not my will but yours be done.” As we come to the close of our ‘The God Who Hears Your Prayer’ series, this week we learned how to pray this prayer well from Jesus in the garden.

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The God Who Hears Your Prayer, Week 4

Do you wonder what in your life is worth praying about? Do you wonder what God wants to hear about and what he doesn’t? Do you wonder whether prayer “works”? This week, we’ll see through the story of Nehemiah why we should consistently submit everything in our lives to God through prayer.

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The God Who Hears Your Prayer, Week 3

Generally, before we’ll start to pray a lot, we have to become convinced of two things: God is able, and we are not. This week, we look at how that plays out in the life of Moses, and how we can move to a place of effectively depending on God in our lives.

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The God Who Hears Your Prayer, Week 2

Prayer is a means of approaching God, and Jesus shows us a God who is imminently approachable, and who wants to be approached. But once we begin to approach him, and we begin to see more of who He is, we cannot stay the same, and that can be difficult. Come find out more this weekend as we look at the life of Abraham.

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The God Who Hears Your Prayer, Week 1

This week we’re starting a series called “The God Who Hears Your Prayer,” but we almost named it “Can You Hear Me, God?” because a lot of times, that’s what prayer feels like. We start this series with a definitive reminder that God does indeed hear your prayers. And we start with a push to pray consistently as we begin our journey looking at prayer through the experience of several individuals in the Bible.


Resources mentioned in this sermon:
– A Praying Life by Paul E. Miller
– Prayer by Timothy Keller

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