The Power of God, Week 4

Great hearts come out of great troubles

In the story of Peter denying Jesus, we see a man go from boasting in his love for Jesus, to realizing he was an utter failure, in a matter of hours. Just as Jesus knew Peter would deny Him, Jesus knows our limitations, and what it will take to grow through those limitations. Charles Spurgeon said, “Great hearts come out of great troubles.” This is something we see in the life of Peter, and something we have the potential to see in ourselves.

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A Vision for the Church: Gather

The vision statement for Oak City Church reads, “a family of learners, lovers, and givers reaching our neighbors to know and follow Jesus.” How we do that is by gathering, growing, giving, and going. In this new series we are exploring each of those four ways, starting with gathering. In a culture where loneliness and isolation are becoming an epidemic, we look to the Gospel to learn how we were made for relationships and to be known.

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