Called to be Free, Week 11

Called to be Free, Week 10

Do you really want to change? Do you want to change how God wants you to change? Are you ready to crucify the desires of your flesh, and if you aren’t ready, are you asking God to make you ready? We continue our series in Galatians by talking about cultivating the fruit of the spirit.

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Called to Be Free, Week 9

Change is hard. Sometimes change is so hard we start thinking it’s not possible and tell ourselves it’s not necessary. Toward the end of Galatians, Paul tells us we’re wrong. He tells us change is necessary, it’s inevitable, and it’s possible. And he tells us how it happens.

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Called to Be Free, Week 6

We tend to have a love/hate relationship with rules. We like the ones we agree with and we are good at. But we hate the ones we think are stupid or we just can’t do. (Unless you become a parent. Then you love them all!) This week, we’ll look at what Paul says about how we misunderstand God’s rules and why he gave them to us.

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