Why Work Matters, Week 6

Why Work Matters, Week 5

For the last four weeks we’ve learned what the Bible says about work, and how to connect the dots between what we do every day, and our faith. This week we have a guest, John Fooshee, talk about practical steps for examining our work and finding the answer to a question we’ve all asked: what are you called to do?

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Why Work Matters, Week 2

Do you exist to serve your work, or does your work exist to serve you? We often bounce between the two, and sometimes expect our work to meet needs it was never meant to meet. In the second sermon of this series, we explore why we look to our work to give us something it was never meant to give.

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Why Work Matters, Week 1

Everybody works. We spend so much – maybe most – of our time working, but it can be hard to connect the dots between our work and our faith. Does God care about my work? And if he does (which, c’mon, he must), then why and how does he care about it? And what does it mean for what work I pursue and how I pursue it?

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The Practice of Discipleship

When and where in your life did you learn the most, grow the most, or change the most? In the classroom, or in practice? God calls us to be disciples, who go to make disciples, but how much of discipleship is learning, and how much comes from doing? This week we look at a passage in Judges to learn how discipleship is more like an internship than a class.

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