Global Hope India

Global Hope India is the product of 14 years of ministry in India. We’re a federally recognized 501-C3 nonprofit organization located in downtown Raleigh, NC. We engage the Church around the world in order to empower the Church in India for the advancement of the Gospel in three ways: church planting, village development, and child rescue.

Church Planting

We’re involved with a network of indigenous church planting missionaries who have been faithfully planting churches since 1997. They are on track to plant 25,000 churches in all 25,000 villages of the state of Andhra Pradesh by 2020. This statewide network has an infrastructure of leadership in all 23 districts.

Village Development

Our village development projects empower churches to become problem solvers in their village. Most villages in India lack access to clean drinking water, hygiene, sanitation, and sustainable food. Every 20 seconds a child dies from water related disease. Through our village development projects, we empower indigenous churches with practical resources like bore wells, water filtration systems, toilets, cows, goats, and mango trees they leverage for the advancement of the Gospel. The result is spiritual and physical transformation throughout the whole village.

Child Rescue

Half of the world’s orphans live in India. EVERY church in India is exposed to the harsh realities of orphans, child laborers, and the victims of sex-trafficking. The needs are simply incomprehensible. Jesus told us to bless the little children and not to forbid them from coming to Him. These are our neighbors. Our boys and girls. We’re in the process of empowering 400 churches with existing concrete church buildings to use these facilities 6 days a week as child development centers. Each center will serve 25 of the most at-risk children in the village. Once sponsored, these children will receive English medium education, after-school tutoring, daily discipleship and a hot meal. These efforts will be effective in rescuing 10,000 children.

Everything we do is through the church. Every team we take serves alongside these churches to empower them for the advancement of the Gospel. We believe the local church is the hope of the world. We intentionally partner with indigenous church planters with a proven strategy of planting churches that will raise up more church planters that will plant more churches.

Partnership with Oak City Church

We strive to provide a means in which Oak City Church members can be involved in advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ in internationally, focused in India.  We also seek to work alongside Oak City Church families to provide opportunities to grow as learners, lovers, and givers in international missions.  We seek to provide opportunities for Oak City Church members to PRAY, GIVE, and GO to India.

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