Student Ministry

Our student ministry helps students from middle school through high school learn about their identity in Christ, discover their place in his story, and share their faith with their friends and family.

This age can be such a time of change for both students and their families. At this stage of life, students begin to become more independent and explore who they will be.

In our Student Ministry, we want to help your student pursue an authentic relationship with Jesus and guide them in allowing that relationship to define who they are. As they learn to define themselves by who Christ says they are, we want them to be sent out to share the hope they have with the world around them.

Our focus with middle schoolers is helping them define who they are in relation to who Jesus is. As they develop this identity, in high school, we focus on helping them learn their gifting and how and why they should share that with others.

What is looks like

On Sunday nights, students meet together in small groups at a central home in the Triangle. We dig into God’s word together, have a ridiculous amount of fun, and share life with each other and with our student ministry leaders. Relationships with adults and other students who are ready and willing to speak the gospel into the life of your student are so important.

Outside of our weekly meetings, we have a lot of weekend get-togethers, go on retreats and day trips, and plan lots of fun, informal events. Our leaders try to attend the students’ sports and school events to connect with them in their own space.

Speaking of leaders–our student ministry leaders are committed to walking alongside your student and family to help your family become a family of leaners, lovers, and givers sent on mission to make more disciples.

Get involved

Want to join us? We’d love to have students and their friends join us. Contact to get info about when we meet, where, and how you can get involved.