Explore God

Explore God is a safe and creative place to seek answers to the questions we all have about God, faith, religion and more. More than 50 churches from all denominations in the Triangle area are participating in the Explore God initiative. We will explore six big questions in a sermon series each weekend.

The goal of Explore God is to invite people to investigate questions about God in a non-threatening way through individual conversations, messages and group discussions. Explore God gives us practical ways to generate spiritual conversations around people’s natural curiosity regarding their purpose, the reliability of the Bible, the existence of evil, who Jesus is and other questions.

  • April 15: Is there a God?
  • April 22: Why does God allow pain and suffering?
  • April 29: Is Christianity too narrow?
  • May 6: Is Jesus really God?
  • May 13: Is the Bible reliable?
  • May 20: Can I know God personally?